Welding Articles and Information

This is the welding articles page. If you are a educator and need to use some of these for the classroom feel free to print them out for your students! That applies to most of the content here. Please do not reproduce more than a paragraph online because that is a violation of duplicate content rules of the internet.
We also encourage people to link to them as an information source. These are written by me and I am career pipe welder/fitter. If you need some solid first hand information please link to them. Unlike The American Welding Society where all of the content is written by a writer who could not strike a arc these are the real deal.

Introduction to Welding

Art of Welding

Awesome Plasma Cutter Art Projects You Can Do At Home

History of Welding

Hyperbaric Welding

Types of Welding

Why Learn FitterĀ Math?

5 Important Safety Tips For Welding

7 Incredible Facts About a Career in Welding

Real Life Cruise Ship Welding Job

Green Collar Jobs

Longevity Welder and Cutting Equipment Reviews